Step 1 – Listing

Listing your property–Finding an agent you can trust.

Finding the right agent for you can sometimes be the hard part. In most cases, you will be using a local agent. but which one? It’s not always the case of using the biggest agency or even the cheapest.

How much is your property really worth? Should you list with the agent that gives you the highest estimated selling price? One agent tells you to auction another private sale. This agency recommends a $12,500 bells and whistles marketing campaign, another says let’s go just with the internet first and gauge the market response.

It’s not just about selecting the agency, most importantly its the selling agent, the person who you and the buying public will be dealing with on your behalf. experience, local knowledge, knowing the buyers out there, the small things which will all pay dividends.

The above doesn’t answer the question of who to select. Often it comes down to referral and recommendation. Need help? We can assist to engage the right agent, obtain comparative appraisals, marketing proposals and Authority to Act

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