Property Selling

It is important if you are selling that you read the Five-Step Guide before you selling a property.

Here’s a quick summary for anyone contemplating selling a property in the State of Victoria Australia.

If you landed on this page it’s a good chance you are selling a property. Selling requires an agent and a conveyancing lawyer.

If you don’t have an agent we can help you select the agent. If you need a conveyancing lawyer you are at the right spot. We are Melbourne based lawyers and limited to acting for sales of any property in Victoria Australia.

Hayton Kosky has been handling conveyancing transactions for over 25 years. Our firm has pioneered the use of digital conveyancing and leads the way in using technology to make the process easier to understand and more transparent.

To discover what’s involved in selling from listing an agent to completing the sale read our Five-Step Guide.

Wherever possible we offer a fixed price service* Notification of Rights.

Once you have engaged the agent you need to retain us as your conveyancer. To get the ball rolling the following is required:

Complete the selling questionnaire as well as you can and submit. If you don’t know the answer to any particular question don’t worry, simply leave it blank.

Providing verification of identity, usually a copy of your passport and drivers licence or using an identity agency like Australia Post

Generally, we require payment of an upfront deposit of $395 by credit card eft or direct credit to cover searches, certificates and preparation of the vendor’s statement. If you wish to pay by credit card we need the card number and the expiry date. We accept Visa and Mastercard. You can supply this by telephone or email.

You need to advise us of any matters which affect the property. Please email as quickly as possible the current invoices for the following:-

  • Council Rates
  • Water / Sewerage Rates
  • Land Tax
  • Owners Corporation Fees & Minutes of last AGM & any Notices or letters received regarding future works or actions by the Owners Corporation
  • Lease / Tenancy Agreement (if applicable)
  • Planning and Building Permits; Certificates of Occupancy or Final Inspection; and Warranties (if applicable)
  • Any other Notices affecting the property

We will confirm our quote for all conveyancing charges which covers the scope of services outlined below and an estimate of out of pocket expenses plus gst. The deposit that is paid upfront will be credited and the balance payable upon settlement.

If you have any queries contact us by email or phone. We look forward to assisting in the sale.

Additional charges that may be incurred for:

Work undertaken in respect of arranging the release of deposit monies prior to settlement
Arranging a discharge of the mortgage in connection with the sale
Bringing the settlement date forward or seeking an extension of the settlement date
Any additional work will be charged at an hourly rate or as per the Solicitors Remuneration Order.

Property Selling Enquiry

Our most important function is to protect your interests and our Services can include but are not limited to:

  • Making enquiries regarding property and ordering certificates and searches;
  • Preparation of Section 32 Vendor’s Statement and Contract of Sale;
  • Preparation of Section 27 Release of Deposit Statement;
  • Liaising with Agent;
  • Liaising with your Bank;
  • Preparing answers to enquiries from Purchaser, preparing the Transfer of Land and Stamp Duty obligations;
  • Arranging settlement via PEXA;
  • Perusing statement of adjustments;
  • Notifying authorities that property has been sold and
  • Regular correspondence with you reporting on the progress of the sale.

This is not an exclusive list of the functions we are able to undertake for you, but we hope it does provide an understanding of the scope of our services.

Any questions or queries please contact us. We look forward to acting on your behalf.