Mortgage Certificates

Why do you need to get a Mortgage Certificate from a Lawyer?

Common scenarios

You are a Guarantor for a Mortgage Loan taken out by a child to buy their first home; or

You and your partner are co-directors of a family company or family trust and the security for the mortgage loan includes the family home; or

Reverse Mortgages – Equity release (Over 60s)

The Lender, most often a Bank, will require you to obtain a Mortgage Certificate from an independent lawyer.

The requirement is that you have received legal advice as to the extent and potential liability and consequence of providing the security and the guarantee (limited or full). Furthermore, you fully acknowledge your understanding of the transaction and undertakings by way of mortgage and guarantee.

At Hayton Kosky, we are not merely providing a witnessing function. Nor do we offer financial advice.

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If you require a Mortgage Certificate, we will require copies

Your identification. Drivers Licence and Passport
Your contact details - Address, Email and Telephone
Security Documents; and
Confirmation you are conversant and understand English;
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Fees. We will provide a written estimate of fees before the appointment.

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