UncategorisedThe Voice or a Preamble?

27 July 2023

I’m in two minds. Yes to the Voice. Or No, but let’s write a preamble to the Australian Constitution:

“We, the people of Australia, humbly acknowledge the richness and diversity of our land, its ancient history, and the unique cultures that have thrived upon it for millennia. As we unite under the Southern Cross, we solemnly recognize and honour the truth that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were the first nationals of this great continent.

From time immemorial, they have lived in harmony with the land, its creatures, and the elements that shape our vast and varied landscapes. Their deep connection to the earth, their traditions, and their ancestral knowledge have shaped the very fabric of this nation and continue to enrich our shared identity.

In acknowledging the rightful custodianship of this land, we embrace a spirit of reconciliation and respect. We seek to forge a path forward, acknowledging the injustices of the past and endeavouring to create a future where all Australians, regardless of background, can walk together as equals.

We commit to valuing and preserving the diverse cultures, languages, and traditions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, recognizing that they are an integral part of our national heritage.

With this Constitution, we affirm our dedication to equality, understanding, and cooperation among all Australians, as we strive to build a nation that reflects the true essence of unity, compassion, and harmony.

In witness whereof, we, the people of Australia, do hereby adopt this Constitution, embracing our shared past and looking forward to a future where the ancient wisdom of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples shines brightly alongside the dreams of all who call this great land home.”


Credit ChatGPT