The Aborigines also modify the environment for the use of fire,  which they could light in about 60 seconds by ingeniously contriving the friction of wood according to Curr who saw them do this. Burning the grasses encouraged edible bracken ferns and helped to regenerate the grass creating the lightly timbered plains which attracted the kangaroo and other light nibblers and late and later on the white pastoralists.

Who founded Melbourne? Heated debate on this question has overemphasized it's importance and there's been confusion between the idea of establishing a pastoral settlement in the Port Phillip district and that of establishing a village or township on the site of Melbourne. A number of men had thought of settling near Port Phillip before 1835,

Melbourne's earliest beginnings can be tracked and traced back to 1803 and the survey that was undertaken by Charles Grimes (Surveyor-General NSW). But the story of Victoria and Melbourne only really begins with the expansion of the sheep industry. First, from the south,

Charles Grimes (1772 – 1858) was an English surveyor and was the first European to see the Yarra River. As the New South Wales surveyor-general Charles Grimes, in 1802 he sailed in the Cumberland to examine King's Island and Port Phillip. He discovered the Yarra River on 2 February 1803 but reported unfavourably on the possibilities of settlement at both.

The 1992 Mabo decision was the landmark High Court decision that overturned the doctrine of terra nullius. The Court recognised native title based on possessory title by reason of long possession.

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