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  1. Squatters and adverse possession

    Posted: June 11 2016

    Twelve years or fifteen years would seem like a lifetime to actually squat and occupy someone else’s property to gain full legal proprietary rights. From a strict legal perspective the squatter would need to take physical possession (to the exclusion of the true owner) change the locks not pay rent maintain the property and the […]

  2. Removal of Easement – Registered

    Posted: June 11 2016

    Recently we lodged a s73 Applications to remove an unwanted easement on title with the Land Titles Office Victoria The unwanted carriageway easement was in Richmond. The application was lodged on 11 March 2016. Once the Application is lodged the application goes through an examination phase. In this case after the initial application the case officer made […]

  3. The Three Pillars of Adverse Possession

    Posted: May 22 2016

    If you are considering making a successful adverse possession claim, here are the three key principles to consider, admirably stated by the Supreme Court Victoria – Court of Appeal in the 2009 Abbatangelo case. 1. Limitations of Actions Act 1958 (Victoria) ~ Adverse Possession Section 8 provides that no action shall be brought by any […]

  4. Building on your neighbour’s title

    Posted: May 1 2016

    Have you unintentionally and recently built over your neighbour’s title? It shouldn’t happen. It does happen. It can be a big problem. This situation does occur. And its a problem occurring with more frequency as building plans are drawn to build upon the boundary or boundary to boundary without a setback. There are a couple […]

  5. Bothered by an unwanted easement on title?

    Posted: April 24 2016

    This month we had two, not one, removal of easements / roads off title for non-use. In both cases the carriage way easement and the road were redundant. Both were created many years ago. Both the reasons for their creation was not obvious. Both are blots on title. And both affected future use of the […]

  6. Hayton Kosky de-merger with PCL Lawyers

    Posted: November 28 2015

    Announcement – As of April 18 2016, Melbourne based lawyers Hayton Kosky has demerged with PCL Lawyers

  7. Money laundering burden yet to hit property market

    Posted: May 11 2015

    Credit Suisse is forecasting $60 billion in new Chinese investment in Australia’s housing market over the next six years, more than double the $28 billion deluge of the past six years. One question is: how much of this is “clean” money? The likely introduction of further money laundering legislation may crimp the flow of Chinese […]

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